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Billie L. from Fort Myers heard about us originally from the yellow pages. She was having problems with her eating habits such as snacking, she also had low energy and aches and pains that she believed were associated with it. The problems she was having had become a daily lifestyle affecting her relationship with friends. She was not outgoing anymore and she was self-conscious about her weight. She decided to take action and began the program and realized just how much more energy she had and how she had no more aches and pains. Her friends realized she was feeling good and looking younger. She now enjoys exercising without shortness of breath and loves shopping now. She believes her life has been changed; she has a more positive attitude and is more outgoing now. She said it’s been a long process but she could not have done it without Dr. Morris helping and monitoring her.


Cathy S. from Fort Myers started seeing Dr. Morris for torn tendon pain in her shoulder. She was referred to Dr. Morris from her husband. The pain was in every movement of her shoulder causing her not be as active as she normally is. Dr. Morris was able to manage the pain for her and delay surgery. Cathy is now able to pick up her grandchildren and use her arm more freely now. Dr. Morris diagnosed her problems immediately and began helping her.


David L. from Moore Haven heard about us from the doctor he was seeing his doctor was leaving the practice and wanted him to be in good hands. He came into the practice to be seen for neck and back pain. The pain he was experiencing was on a daily basis and the pain just wouldn’t cease. The pain began taking a toll causing limited activity with friends and family. He now is able to live in less pain and able to function freely he is able to go more places with family and friends. He also noticed he was much happier with everyday things like tying his shoe was no longer a struggle and he didn’t have to wear slip on shoes any longer. David felt that Dr. Morris was very helpful and supportive as he offered alternatives to enhance his lifestyle.


Glenn S. from Fort Myers heard about us from his primary care physician. Glenn came to us due to pain in his Lumbar spine. The pain he was experiencing was on a daily basis he was not able to work as much as before. Since he has been coming to Dr. Morris he has cut his pain medication in half and he can function better at work and life became much more manageable. He loves how much time Dr. Morris spends with him when he comes in.


Jordan S. from Labelle heard about us from another patient. He was having problem with weight gain from overeating and eating late. He was starting to have knee problems due to the extra weight and this was becoming a daily problem. Jordan was beginning to feel uncomfortable in social situations and not as active. He decided to take action, now he is eating much healthier has more energy and less pain and his clothes are feeling much better. People have noticed a dramatic change in his weight. His job has become easier because he is in less pain now. Jordan advises everyone to try the plan he can see that it works if you follow it correctly. Dr. Morris is very motivating and he looks forward to seeing him each week. Jordan has lost 39.8 pounds in 6 weeks and he is still going.


Mary C. from Fort Myers heard about us by buying a Groupon and giving it a try. She was having problems with weight gain after taking different medications and couldn’t stand her face anymore; she also had pain in her knees that was causing her to keep gaining. The problems she was having were constant and causing her to limit her activities. She decided to take action and now she has increased energy, no more knee pain and has been actively partaking in more activities with family and friends. She has people telling her she has a totally different look and everything about her life has changed she likes herself more now and has gained a better self-image. She believes it’s a great process and the staff and Dr. Morris are very encouraging and informative with the program. Her journey led her to losing 40 pounds and keeping it off for over a year.

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