When to See a Specialist About Neck Pain

Everyone wakes up some mornings with neck pain. However, for some people, neck pain becomes a long-term complaint, lingering despite changes to furniture and over-the-counter medication management.

So when is it time to take your neck pain complaint to a medical specialist? Dareld Morris, II, DO and his experienced care team at Morris Medical Center in Fort Myers and LaBelle, Florida treat new and existing patients with a variety of stubborn pain complaints. Dr Morris specializes in spine and joint care!

Lasting neck pain?

If you have lingering spine and joint issues, you might not be able to find relief from your symptoms with commonsense strategies. The underlying problem in your spine will need to be addressed in order to resolve your neck pain.

You should see a doctor if your neck pain continues to get worse after at-home care measures like heat, icing, and over-the-counter medication. If your pain lasts for more than a few weeks, or starts to feel like it’s radiating down your legs and arms, make an appointment to get checked out by Dr. Morris. You should also watch out for accompanying symptoms, such as numbness, tingling sensations, or persistent headaches.

If your severe neck pain is associated with a traumatic injury like a car accident or a fall, or if you’re experiencing muscle weakness in your legs and arms or running a high fever, seek emergency medical care by calling 911 or another emergency number right away. You may have a serious underlying condition like meningitis that needs immediate treatment.

Multidisciplinary treatment options to resolve your pain

Dr. Morris specializes in a multidisciplinary approach to spine and joint pain management, using a range of strategies to address the root cause of your pain problem. In addition to neck pain, Dr. Morris can evaluate and treat you for chronic headaches and myofascial issues, among other chronic pain conditions.

Depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan, you might benefit from interventional procedures, including:

After only about 2-3 injection appointments, or a few spinal cord stimulation treatments, you could experience lasting pain relief.

For specialized treatment in neck pain that focuses on finding and treating the cause, not just medication management and popping pills, get in touch with Dr. Morris at Morris Medical Center today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment online, or call our Florida offices now.

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