What You Should Expect During Your Captain License Coast Guard Exam

Ready to get out on the water this summer? A boating getaway might be sounding great this year in July and August, or you might have a professional or military opportunity you’d like to take advantage of that requires an official Coast Guard captain’s license.

One of the qualifications needed for the license is a certificate of good health. At Morris Medical Center of Fort Myers and LaBelle, Florida, we can help you get the documentation you need to complete the Coast Guard captain license exam process. Dareld Morris II, DO leads our team of expert providers, with extensive experience in the Coast Guard captain application process.

Taking the exam

The Coast Guard captain application process contains multiple steps. In addition to exams demonstrating your knowledge of the rules of the road on the water and your navigational and lifesaving skills, you also need to establish a baseline of good personal health. The Coast Guard needs to be able to count on you to be physically fit, as you’ll need to be active and mobile in order to safely operate a vessel on the water.

As part of your physical exam, we discuss your medical history and review any health concerns or symptoms you might currently have. We also assess your weight and body mass index (BMI), and take your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs. The exam includes a physical check on your ears, eyes, throat, abdomen, limbs, and reflexes. 

An exam doesn’t take too long, typically less than an hour. We might recommend additional tests, including urine tests, screenings for asthma or allergies, or X-rays, to rule out any potential issues that might appear during your exam. Dr. Morris can also perform vision and hearing checks as a part of your physical exam if needed.

What should you bring?

The Morris Medical Center team provides you with comprehensive medical exam results, formatted properly for your Coast Guard captain application process, and signed off on. You can rely on our familiarity with the forms, documents, and information needed to complete this step of your captain exam.

When you come into the office for your physical exam, you should bring specific documentation with you, so that we can expedite your application. You’ll need to bring:

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that you already know about, get a note from your specialist to bring to your exam appointment at Morris Medical Center. Conditions that could potentially delay your license application include diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of narcotic use and psychiatric disorders.

To schedule your Coast Guard captain license exam, get in touch with the experts at Morris Medical Center today. You can request an appointment by calling our offices, or by using the online tool.

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