The Psychological Impact of ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem for more than one in two men in the United States at some point in the course of a lifetime. The most common culprit for ED is poor blood flow, but other factors can contribute, as well, including psychological factors.

ED can also have difficult psychological effects, and can damage your self-esteem. You might become trapped in a low-confidence cycle that could harm your ability to connect with your libido and personal goals.

At Morris Medical Center, Dr. Dareld R. Morris has helped many patients get through struggles with ED and come out victorious with improved sexual performance. Dr. Morris fully understands the psychological factors at work in treating ED as well as the physiology.

You should know that you don’t have to go it alone in the battle with ED. When you seek ED treatment with Dr. Morris at his Fort Myers and LaBelle, Florida offices, you benefit from his comprehensive experience and compassionate approach.

The many downsides of ED

While the causes of your ED issues are likely to be biological, stemming from insufficient blood flow to your genital area or from hormonal imbalances in your system, ED isn’t just a physical problem.

Dealing with ED episodes can threaten your sense of self-confidence, deeply undermining your self-esteem in public as well as in private. The psychological impacts of an ED problem can even threaten relationships that were previously strong and secure. You might have a hard time seeing yourself the same way or lash out at others due to negative emotions of shame or embarrassment.

Long-term untreated ED can increase your risk of psychological health issues like anger management problems, insecurity, and even depression. You need to restore both your body and your mind to maintain your full sexual and personal quality of life.

How GAINSWave can help

Talk to Dr. Morris about your ED concerns. You have effective treatment options available to you through Morris Medical Center.

Dr. Morris specializes in treatment for ED with the breakthrough solution GAINSWave®, a better way to restore penile function and optimize sexual performance. GAINSWave is also a great way to treat Peyronie’s Disease, sometimes a cause of ED as well as curvature of the penis and painful erections.

Here’s how it works. Dr. Morris uses safe and noninvasive GAINSWave low-intensity shock wave therapy to open and clear the existing blood vessels in your penis and to create new blood vessels, as well. 

With the metaphorical pipes cleared, blood can flow without restriction to your genital area, creating full and potent erections and restoring your sexual performance. Use GAINSWave to effectively address ED, increase your genital sensitivity, and even lessen the recovery time you need between orgasms!

For sensitive and knowledgeable support and treatment for your ED-related concerns, get in touch with Dr. Morris at Morris Medical Center today. Schedule your confidential consultation by calling now, or use our online booking tool to make your appointment.

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