Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

You might not like the look or feel of the hair that grows in unwanted areas of your body, including your back, legs, arms, armpits, bikini area, and face. With laser hair removal technology, you can be done with inconvenient shaving, waxing, and plucking routines for good.

Laser hair removal works by targeting your active hair follicles. After each follicle is safely stunned by the laser tool, it won’t regrow again. After you’ve completed your course of laser hair removal treatment, your unwanted hairs will be completely gone, and they won’t grow back.

At Morris Medical Center, Dareld R. Morris II, DO and his experienced care team provides laser hair removal treatment to new and existing patients from around the Fort Myers, and LaBelle, Florida area. Dr. Morris and his team use gentle LightPod® laser technology for this procedure, giving you effective results with less discomfort than traditional laser technology. Here’s what Dr. Morris advises his patients to do, and not do, before and during this cosmetic hair removal procedure.

Before you get started

Laser hair removal treatment can sting a little, like being snapped with a rubber band. If you have a history of skin disorders or scarring or take any blood-thinning medications, we might recommend other therapies to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Before you come in for treatment, take care of your skin by avoiding direct sun or heat exposure. You may need to be careful with your skin for a day or so after each treatment session, as well. Additionally, make sure not to pluck or wax unwanted hairs before your appointment, as the laser targets active follicles and this can lessen the effectiveness of the procedure. However, you should trim or shave the treatment area the day before your appointment, to minimize your risk of skin damage while still leaving your hair shaft intact and active.

During your course of treatment

Your body hair grows in waves or cycles, so it takes more than one treatment session to completely achieve the results you’re looking for. Most people need around 2-6 treatments, each spaced several weeks apart, in total to see full removal of unwanted hair. After your first session, you can expect to lose about 10%-25% of the hair in your treatment area. 

The length of your appointments varies based on your treatment area. You might see some slight symptoms of redness or swelling right after each treatment. The hairs in your treatment area will gradually fall out, or “shed,” for the next few days after your laser hair removal appointment.

See effective and lasting results

With laser hair removal treatments, you can stay smooth and carefree for months at a time, or even years. You may never see hair regrowth in your treatment area after you experience a full treatment cycle. Even if you do see regrowth, there’s a good chance your hairs could be lighter and sparser than before treatment.

The complete laser hair removal process takes some time, so don’t delay getting started. Contact Dr. Morris today to find out how you can permanently get rid of your unwanted body hair. You can book your initial consultation with Dr. Morris over the phone, or with the online tool.


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