Laser Hair Removal Because Who Wants to Wax or Shave?

Did you know that of the millions of hair follicles you have, only 100,000 to 150,000 are found on your head? So where’s all the rest of that hair? If you’ve spent time waxing, shaving, and plucking, you already know where a lot of these follicles are found, and you’re not happy about the time and energy you spend fighting them.

At Morris Medical Group, under the expert leadership of Dr. Dareld Morris, our team offers laser hair removal services to our clients in the Fort Myers, Florida, area. This cutting-edge technology eliminates hair follicles for good, giving you silky smooth skin, and you don’t have to exhaust yourself in the process.

Here’s how our laser hair removal can help you say goodbye to waxing and shaving.

The power of light

When we researched the many laser hair removal options, we settled on the LightPod® because of its precision and accuracy in targeting your hair follicles. The LightPod relies on innovative 650-microsecond pulse technology to achieve new levels of efficacy and gentle treatment during your laser hair removal.

What’s important about the 650-microsecond figure is that this extraordinarily quick pulse duration gets in and heats and seals up your follicle, and gets back out before it’s absorbed by any of your surrounding tissue.

The bursts of energy travel through your skin 50 to 500 times faster than traditional pulse lasers, which prevents the melanin in your epidermis from becoming overheated. This means that we don’t need to cool the surface of your skin, which many other laser hair removal systems require.

Putting aside the technological terms for a moment, what we can accomplish with the LightPod is safe and fast hair removal that tackles only your hair follicles, leaving the rest of your skin well enough alone.

The process

If you’d like to explore laser hair removal for yourself, the first step is to come in so that we can review the areas you want to treat, which will help us set up an appropriate treatment timeline.

Laser hair removal is a multi-step process because all of your hair is never out at once. At any given time, some of your hair is in a resting phase (telogen) or a transitional phase (catagen). To give you the best results, we perform the first pass and then you return a few weeks later so we can tackle any newly visible follicles.

Most patients require two to six treatments for optimal results, but this number depends on the size of the treatment area as well as your hair type.

The good news is that once we’re done, the treated follicles are gone for good and don’t regenerate. While hair may still grow back in your treated areas months or years down the road, it’s generally sparser and lighter and nothing follow-up laser hair removal treatments can’t tackle.

The treatments themselves are relatively quick, and there’s no downtime afterward, which means you’re free to get on with your day.

If you’d like to throw away your razors and cancel your standing waxing appointment, call us at Morris Medical Center to learn more about laser hair removal. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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