Stephanie From 96.9 Is Doing Amazing. Come in so we can see what we can do for you!!

"I am still making progress and moving towards my goals at Morris Medical Center! I am nearly 27 pounds down and I'm feeling fabulous. I'm feeling confident. I'm healthier and the energy is amazing. Dr. Morris gives you the tools. He gives you the supplements and the tips you need. I'm loosing weight happily and healthily. I remember before I went ot Dr. Morris back in April I was feeling SO tired. I was sluggish all the time. My joints were really achey. My blood pressure was crazy high AND I was depressed. I'm now riding my bike. My blood pressure is ideal and I'm looking forward to summer AND summer clothes! In my first week when I started I lost almost 8 pounds. You've got to do this!"

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Dr. Dareld Morris

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