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Stephanie From 96.9 Is Doing Amazing. Come in so we can see what we can do for you!!

"A couple months ago I bought a shirt in Marsahlls without trying it on. I just assumed it would fit. It was loose, it was flowy, it would be fine. But I was completely bummed out when I got home becuase it did not fit, in fact it was way way too tight. But this week I put it back on and not only did it fit, it's way way too big. And that is due to Dr. Morris at Morris Medical Center. I've been on his diet since April and the first week I lost 7.8 pounds! Currently I'm down 25 pounds. It's working! Along with a very manageable diet of fresh veggies, fruit and protein. I am staying motivated and committed. The weekly weigh ins really help too!"

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Dr. Dareld Morris

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