Back Pain: When Steroid Injections Are the Best Solution

Spine pain that has become chronic and doesn't respond to other treatments may make you a good candidate for a corticosteroid shot. This interventional pain management technique can reduce inflammation in the tissues surrounding your spine. 

At Morris Medical Center with locations in Fort Myers and LaBelle, Florida, Dr. Dareld Morris and his team provide a range of options for joint and spine pain, including steroid injections. An epidural steroid injection directly targets nerves sending pain signals to your brain, and it might be the answer you've been searching for. 

The steroid injection process

Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) contain highly specialized steroid-based medications. They are designed to be injected by a medical expert into the epidural space, which is located at the outer side of your spinal canal. An ESI can reduce pain and inflammation affecting the nerve roots near your spine.  

Our medical team discusses the process with you and ensures you understand how your treatment works before your injection. Dr. Morris identifies the precise location of the nerve or nerves causing your pain and prepares the injection. The procedure itself only takes a couple of minutes, and we apply a local anesthetic along with the steroid medication for your comfort. 

The steroid injection should start providing pain relief within a few days. For some patients, it can take up to a week, or you might need a second injection. The effects can last anywhere from a few months to up to a year. 

Once your pain subsides, you'll be able to move around more. Movement increases flexibility and blood flow and can encourage healing, so your back stiffness and pain should be less likely to come back and should be less severe if it does recur.   

Good candidates for epidural steroid injections

Epidural steroid injections aren’t for back strains or sprains. We use them for chronic or acute back pain symptoms that originate from your spinal nerves. Your nerves can be pinched, pressured, or damaged by:

If you have chronic back pain, especially with accompanying leg pain, the nerves in your back may be the problem. Dr. Morris can diagnose the cause of your back pain accurately and recommend the correct treatment. 

For more information on the use of steroid injections and other methods of treating back pain, call us at Morris Medical Center or schedule an appointment using our online system today.

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